Stanford Lin

Adventurer, Leader, Developer


BitNutrition scans the barcodes of any food items and using that, it syncs all available nutrition statistics that are then tracked in the database. These nutrition statistics are presented on our ios/android app, and some especially key data is synced to FitBit! We then use these statistics to calculate which nutrients you are lacking and exceeding in as per the daily quotas and based on those values, suggest food for you to try next to even out your diet. These suggestions can be conveniently viewed on the FitBit as well as the mobile app.

Nearby Nutrition

Our project is inspired by food deserts. People in these regions must either travel great distances by foot or by bus in order to get more nutritious food, or forgo their recommended servings of produce, and suffer great health impacts over time. Our approach to this issue was to crowdsource grocery purchases into a big order and have it delivered to a more convenient location in their community, reducing costs, maximizing efficiency but most importantly, delivering healthy and nutritious food to those in need.

code Share

This project was designed to allow users to create documents and share them to others for real-time collaboration. CodeShare provides chat and syntax highlighting for over 110 languages. This web app is suitable for teaching(training) and real-time collaboration. Additionally, the data is stored to the local server so it can be used for companies with data/network restrictions.

Crisis Connect

This android and ios app brings together communities to promote cooperation in both the preparation for and the aftermath of hurricanes and other natural disasters. Users are able to offer or request shelter, assistance, supplies, or rides. Built with, React, and Firebase.


Working alongside 3 graduate students studying at Stanford, we developed smartPhy. A knee brace device that streamlines physical therapy by tracking the angle at which the knee extends according to the doctor’s prescribed intensity.

Snap Reader

App that utilizes machine learning algorithms to convert images to sound. Improves reading capability for people with low vision blindness. Note: App is no longer available

Air Shark

Save time when by seamlessly sharing your contact information with a tap of a button. Simply type the phone number of the recipient and it’s done. The recipient does not need the app. Utilizes Twilio API and heroku backend to generate a vCard.

Best Time

Track your biological prime time throughout the day so you can utilize your time more effectively. Note: App is no longer available

Millennium STEM

Collaborated with executives, to plan Vancouver’s first high-school technology conference. Designed, maintained and configured the website and ticketing system.(